A hand-juicer is an essential tool for any home bar! Using fresh citrus makes all the difference in elevating your cocktails or mocktails, and taking them to the next level! This mini hand juicer allows you to juice fresh lemons and limes directly into your cocktail shakers and/or cocktail/mocktail glass of choice.

I use a hand juicer for most of my cocktails. This mini juicer is a great tool to use when you’re looking to measure the perfect amount of citrus for your curated drinks. A perfect tool to combine with a cocktail beaker.

  • Width: 2.5 in., Height: 7.875 in., Depth: 1.875 in.
  • Material: Hard Plastic

Works great for juicing limes, lemons, and even small oranges. Just cut your citrus into smaller pieces and juice away!~

The mini shaker also comes in Red and Yellow! It is also part of our Essential Cocktail Tools Kit!

Shipping Information: Due to the holiday schedule, the Cocktail Tools kit will ship in approximately 3-4 weeks.