Happy Monday!! It’s the official 1st week of #Summer and the start of my #SummerCocktailSeries!
For my Ladies aka #HotGirl and my Fellas aka #HotGuys, what I’m so excited about is that WE are making this a #HotCocktailSummer!
Each day this week I’ll be announcing something new for my #HotCocktailSummerSeries! From contests to classes, to events, there’s something for everyone. Check back for new cocktail recipes, merchandise, and more… there’s so much coming your way!
To start off this #HotCocktailSummer week, check out one of my Favorite Summer Cocktails. It’s a great drink to kick off the season!


2 oz Coconut Rum
0.5 oz Blue Curaçao
4 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Grenadine
1 oz Water
  • In a glass, add 1 oz Grenadine. Then add Crushed Ice. In a separate glass, mix 4oz Pineapple Juice and 2oz Coconut Rum. Using the back of a spoon, SLOWLY guide the juice/rum mixture down the side of the glass on top of the grenadine and ice.
  • Next, mix 0.5 oz Blue Curaçao and 1 oz water in a separate glass. Then using the back of a spoon (as before), SLOWLY pour this mixture down the side of the glass making the next layer.
  • Garnish with any fruit you desire.

NOTE: If the pineapple/rum mix does not provide enough of the yellow layer, just add pineapple juice – pouring it right in the middle of the drink.
Since the pineapple is heavier than the blue curaçao mixture but lighter than the grenadine – it will work!