When it comes to cocktailing, never forget the garnish. Garnishes serve to either complement or contrast a drink’s flavors and add a dazzling, visual element to a cocktail.

Fresh ingredients make ALL the difference in making amazing cocktails at home. I love to use fresh citrus and herbs. I keep mint on hand at all times. I also love to use basil and rosemary as well. For citrus, I always use fresh lemon or lime juice in a cocktail, and when I do, I like to garnish that cocktail with a lemon or lime wedge or wheel. Presentation is part of the cocktail experience.

Tip: When garnishing your drink with fresh herbs, make sure to give it a nice, gentle smack. Doing so will not only bring out the aroma of the herbs, but also releases their essential oils and adds a hint of that flavor to your cocktail.

What is your favorite garnish to use at home?